How to confirm a change of a generic domain owner – process from December 1st, 2016

After initiation of a domain owner change or a modification of the current domain owner contact details you will receive an email with a link for change confirmation. That message is sent to both the current owner´s email (contact before change) and the new owner´s email (contact after change). Both messages must be confirmed otherwise the change will not be processed. The confirmation links are valid for 7 days.
The confirmation message looks like the one in the picture below. There are contact details of the current domain owner (contact before change) and details of the new domain owner (contact after change) as well. If you want to confirm the change, use the button „ACCEPT“. If you prefer to refuse the change, click on the button „NOTACCEPT“.
After confirmation from the new domain owner´s email (contact after change) you can see the result below on your screen. At this moment the second message will be sent to the current domain owner as well (contact before change). As soon as both requests are confirmed via email (or via SMS), the change is completed and both domain owners (contact before and after change) will receive a confirmation message.