AUCTION of .CZ domains

CZ.NIC launches new auction portal from 1 May 2024

61 days after expiration, .CZ domains will not be released for new registration, but will be moved to auction. This also applies to domains where the registration will be cancelled by the owner or directly by CZNIC.

The following still applies:

 30 days after expiration, the domain is still functional and the owner has the option to renew it
 for the next 30 days the domain is removed from DNS, so it is not functional, but it is still possible to renew it
 on the 60th day after expiration, the domain can no longer be renewed and the ownership ceases

However, there is an extension of time when the domain is re-released for re-registration:

 it is placed in the auction list for 15 days
 on the 16th day it is moved to auction
 if it is not auctioned, it is released for new registration the next day


The auction will take place in the domain browser system The subject of the auction is not the domain itself, but the right of priority to register it.

Only a verified contact can participate in the auction:

  • a natural person with a contact under MojeID that is verified for electronic identification purposes
  • natural person holding an electronic identity of another EU member state under the eIDAS Regulation
  • a legal entity with a MojeID contact that is validated according to MojeID rules

The list of domains will appear in the public list at and WHOIS will display information that the domain is included in the auction.

Basic rules for domain auctions:

 domains are included in the auction 15 days after publication in the auction list
 the auction takes place every day from 12:00 and normally ends at 21:00 on the same day (in case of a bid in the last 5 minutes, the auction duration is automatically extended by another 5 minutes → however, to a maximum of 9:00 the following day)
the auction takes place only through the interface
 the auction will not start if the domain is suspended due to a court or other decision
 domains that are not auctioned will be released for re-registration the following day

Domain auction process:

 the starting price of one domain is 100 CZK
 minimum bid is based on the current winning amount (100 CZK to 10 thousand CZK, 1000 CZK to 1 million CZK ...)
 possibility of setting automatic bidding up to the maximum amount according to the auctioneer's preferences


Winner of the auction:

As the winner of the auction, you have 7 days to pay the auctioned amount and then another 7 days to register the domain with the registrar of your choice. If any of these points are not met, the domain will be returned to the auction. The domain must always be registered to the contact that was used in the auction. Re-entry into the auction is possible a maximum of 3 times.

Please note: Should the amount for the auctioned right of priority registration not be paid, CZ.NIC will pursue the payment through legal means and the contact mentioned during the auction will not be able to participate in other auctions.