How to transfer .CLOUD domain to FORPSI?

In order to start the process of changing the generic domain registrar, you need to use our order form. After placing the order, the system will ask you for a payment. You can choose either one of the online payment methods, or have a pro forma invoice sent to you by an e-mail and then enter a standard payment order. After paying the fee in the required time (ie crediting the correct amount with the correct variable symbol to our account), the domain transfer will begin. Other necessary instructions will be sent to the contact e-mail you entered in the registrar change order. After completing the change of registrar, the domain is renewed for 1 year from its expiration date.

The contact information you enter in the order will be used to initiate the change of domain registrar. Once completed, this contact will be set as the domain holder. Therefore, please take note of this information and while placing the order enter correct and current contact details of the holder.