Service billing and subscription management

Billing period

The billing period of the service is 1 year. You will receive a proforma invoice for the next invoicing period 18 days before the expiration of the service. Proforma invoice will be sent to the contact email and you can also find it in the Customer Administration in the Invoices tab or directly in the F-Gate service details.


You can find all invoices on the main page of the service under the Billing overview button.


Order to increase the number of connection packages

At any time during the use of the service, you may order a larger number of connection packages that will be available to you. Depending on the stage at which you place your order, the following scenarios may occur:

  • Order during the trial period
    • connection available immediately
    • invoiced after the trial period
  • Order during the prepaid period
    • connection available after payment of an invoice
  • Order less than 30 days before the service expires
    • connection available immediately
    • invoiced in the next period


Order to decrease the number of connection packages

If you decide to decrease the number of connection packages, the available number of connection packages will change immediately. You cannot reduce the number of ordered packages below the level of currently used connections.


You can manage the number of subscription packages ordered under the Manage subscriptions button.