E-mail verification

Due to the higher security and convenience of our customers we started verifying e-mails. See the article below for more information.



Why does my e-mail need to be verified?

By using e-mail verification, we hope to prevent some inconvenient tasks that our customers need to solve with the help of our customer support, one of which is changing an account e-mail due to a password reset. This sometimes results into the customer not being able to access their customer administration. In that case we need a document with verified signature to verify customer’s identity. This whole operation might take several days.

When will the verification take place?

During a customer registration

                More information about the form of the email and the registration process can be found HERE.

While changing a customer’s e-mail

                You can change it in the customer administration  -> Account settings

While logging into the customer administration

                Customers who have not been verified in the past will see this pop-up window on their next visit:

What will the e-mail look like?

An e-mail from Forpsi with the subject E-mail address verification will arrive in your e-mail box and will look like this: