Webmail’s design and functionality upgrade

We bring you a small preview of some of the new webmail version features. This new version is soon coming live. Our developers took the best of all existing versions, added a new look and created the Smart webmail. We focused not only on improving existing functions and adding new ones but mainly on simplifying and streamlining the control from the user's point of view.
Check some of the new features below.


  • The endless scrolling has come to an end. We are returning pages to the webmail.
  • Folders are displayed in a separate menu.
  • You can easily check the folder size and the number of messages in it directly in the folder list.
  • Address of the sender is always visible in the header of the message. No more hiding behind a display name helps to prevent phishing.


  • Finally, you can add an avatar to each contact. It will appear in the message list.
  • Groups have undergone great development and their management is much more intuitive.


  • Adding and editing events has been completely redesigned. Organizing meetings, managing participants and keeping track of their time is now much easier.
  • Calendar import and export are available now.


  • You regain a full control over who you share with and who shares with you.
  • Getting a public one-click file sharing link is finally possible.


  • All texts, descriptions, dialogues, reports etc. have been reworked to be as clear and unambiguous as possible. The texts were no longer created only by programmers, but also by the UX team, which had experience with both the technical part of the interface and the needs of users.
  • You are now free to join the dark side; the recently popular dark appearance is coming.
  • To balance it a little bit we decided to not only add new features but to take something back as well. We decided to remove some languages: Spanish (Bolivia), Spanish (Mexico), German and French.
  • Since the new Smart webmail includes all the features of previous versions we are terminating the rarely used LITE version of webmail.