How to change the owner of a generic domain?

If you are interested in changing a generic domain's owner, it is necessary to send us a request by both domain owners (current and future), as an authorised ticket. If the new domain owner hasn´t registered a customer account yet, he or she has to create it first on our website.
The domain is not renewed during ownership change and thus this service is free of charge. Updated contact data will be visible in the whois database within 24 hours, just after confirmation by both domain owners.
When ownership change is initiated, both domain owners (at first new owner, then the current owner as well) will receive a confirmation message asking for their agreement or refusal of the change. As soon as both domain owners confirm the change, it will be completed and a completion message will be sent to both domain owners.
WARNING: The validity of the request is only 7 days. If you don´t receive the confirmation message on the day when the change is initiated, please contact our domain department ( and we will resend the message once more.
For more information please follow the link below.